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Client Cancelation Policy

  • Clients are emailed the following, “Tutors need to be notified by 7pm the day before a session, if a session is to be rescheduled/canceled or one hour will be deducted from the tutoring account.”
  • This procedure does not include the free trial.
  • If an hour is to be deducted from the account you do not need a client signature and just write 24 in the signature section.
  • If the client asks about the 24 in the signature or why the 1 hour was deducted, please let them know you will reach to Elite and their academic advisor will contact them.
  • With Elite, we like our tutors to focus on providing the best tutoring they can and if any issue such as a late cancelation comes up we will take care of it for you and work with client to come up with a solution that the client is happy with and approves of.