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Client Cancelation Policy

  • Clients are emailed the following, “The tutors need at least a 24-hr notice if a session is to be rescheduled/canceled or an hour will be deducted from the tutoring account.”
  • This policy is not used for the free trial session.
  • Do not bring up the cancelation policy with the client.
  • If a an hour is to be deducted from the account you do not need a client signature and just write 24 in the signature section.
  • If the client happens to ask about the 24 in the signature or why the 1 hour was deducted please let them know you will update Elite and their academic advisor will contact them ASAP.
  • With Elite, we like our tutors to focus on providing the best tutoring they can and if any issue comes up we will take care of it and come up with a solution that the client is happy with.
  • We will always pay you for these sessions.