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Creative Ways To Improve Your Elementry Math Skills

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Creative Ways To Improve Your Elementry Math Skills

When it comes to math, almost everyone has problems at some point! When you are trying to help yourself, or someone else, some pointers are always nice. Here a creative ways to help you improve your Elementry math skills.

Remember when it comes to kids, help them first conquer the basic math skills.  Have them practice on paper as well as flash cards.  Writing it down helps the brain as well as verbally saying the answers. If they are having a hard time with the cards, put the one down and go back to it later. This will help with the frustration that may come with it!

Games are always a great way to help your kids learn math!  Games such as Uno, Crazy Eights, Memory and Concentration are games that require memory and the use of numbers, sets, and mathematical concepts. To get the most benefit from this, make sure you point out the memory strategies that lead to the success of the game. You can also try and find online games for Math. These work great to build that “fun” behind the learning. Most of the time, kid’s don’t even realize that they are learning!

Another fun way to help with math is playing with a pretend cash register. Have them “buy” things and have you buy things. Have them figure out how much things are and how much is owed at the end! This is a great way to continue using math as well as learning money. You can even have them help you with the “price tags”.

Using real money is a great way to learn too! Take out a few dollars and some loose change and give your child a number. Have them figure out how many ways they can come up with that number using the money. There should always be more than 1 way! They can use the loose change as well as the dollars! You can also have them subtract and multiply using the money too!

You can also “go for a walk” and look for different shapes in the trees and leaves. You can look at signs. Try to name as shapes as you can and figure out if they are symmetric! Great way to spend time together while learning!

You can also learn math when you are cooking or baking. Have your child help you with the measuring cup’s.  Have them help you by using a smaller size and figuring out what fraction is needed to make the whole! You could also bake a pie or a cake and as each slice or piece is eaten, have them figure out what fraction is left!

Always remember to try to make learning fun! Try using these suggestions or try to make some new ones up on your own! Once your child starts catching on and having fun, you should see a rise in their grades!!