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Challenges elementary school students face with Common Core Standards in English class

Common Core

Elementary students face a higher level of demand to learn and use Common Core Standards in Elementary School English Classes:

Many elementary students face challenges learning and using Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) standard requirements now used in many public and private schools throughout the United States.

Why do students need to know Common Core in elementary school English classes?

These standards were created to help students be more competitive and prepare them for middle and high school and ultimately college and/or the workforce. Since college entrance exams, specifically the new SAT, incorporate skills students learn through common core, mastering these skills becomes even more important at the elementary school level.

English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA/Literacy) and Common Core Standards:

ELA/Literacy based on Common Core standards call for a deeper understanding of how students reach their answers and they must analyze, reason, and apply their own thoughts in class and homework assignments. There is an increased demand on students in elementary school to master a deeper understanding of reading materials and be able to implement their understanding in real-life scenarios.

Shifts in ELA/Literacy Requirements at the elementary school level:

Students must think for themselves and be able to use their own reasoning. They will need to be able to explain or write about what they have in read and be able to infer meaning from text. They are also required to provide evidence based on their reading and writing exercises. In addition, students are exposed to more nonfiction, informational texts rather than exclusively literature based reading assignments.

How can tutoring help students with ELA/Literacy based on Common Core standards?

Many tutors specialize in Common Core standards and can help students understand what is expected of them and assist them with the required skills needed to succeed in elementary school English. Contact Elite Home Tutoring for questions or information concerning ELA/Literacy Common Core standards and tutoring,  www.elitehometutoring.com.