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What is Everyday Math?

What is Everyday Math?

Everyday Mathematics is a curriculum created to align the Common Core State Standards and was developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP). Everyday Math includes a comprehensive curriculum and is taught to students from Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade.

How is Everyday Math different from Traditional Math?

Traditional math focuses on equations, numbers, and answers; often taught in a one-dimensional manner. Everyday Math follows another set of criteria and requires that students use problem solving techniques in order to solve real-world situations. This approach builds upon the student’s understanding and frequently revisits and builds upon their current mathimatical knowledge.Students are encouraged to apply different methods in coming up with the correct answer. The objective it to give elemantary school students the comptetive edge as they transition into middle school.

Why is Everyday Math challenging?

The Everyday Math curriculum raises the bar on what students are expected to understand and apply throughout their educational growth. This method of learning requires that students recall current and past knowledge and understanding of mathimatical concepts, while adding to and building their knowledge base. It offers several techniques to problem solving which is important in helping students find the best technique for them to implement in problem solving. Students must show that they can take a problem from the abstract lesson to a concrete answer.

What is the role of Everyday Math in the classroom?

Everyday Math follows a set of guidelines used in classrooms throughout the United States. These guidelines are meant to help instructors build solid foundations in math during the critical elementary school years. Students will be expected to solve more word problems related to everyday situations. They will take part in small group activities, which may include hands-on exercises. They will also be shown multiple ways to come up with the same solution for a given math problem.

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