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French Tutoring

For our French tutoring program we connect students with credentialed French teachers who have taught the language currently or in the past. The benefit to having French tutors who are also teachers is that in the State of California all teachers must teach the same standards for French, so the tutor will be very familiar with the subject matter.

French is among the most important languages in Western history, having been the lingua franca for over three-hundred years.  At one time French was the language in which diplomatic missions and professorial correspondence were conducted, and no person could be considered truly educated without understanding it–much like the place English holds in the world today.  French is the primary language in not only France but the Romandy region of Switzerland, Brussels and Wallonia in Belgium, Monaco, Quebec, and the Acadia region in Canada; and heavy portions of the populations of Gabon, Mauritius, Algeria, and the Ivory Coast are fluent in it.

Our French tutors understand that learning a new language enhances students cognitive abilities; in other words, the student’s ability to learn and retain the knowledge he/she is being taught increases, which enhances his or her ability to learn and retain other knowledge from other subjects. In addition, because French has high cultural significance, French tutoring therefore enhances the chance for a student to gain employment in the future.

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