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Homework Focus

Can the words “homework” and “focus” truly coincide in the same sentence without a nuclear meltdown? As a blogger and mom of three, I think this theory is probable.  Having scoured the internet and begged friends, teachers and experts for their suggestions: these are a few of the tried and tested methods that bring relief to the homework issues in my home.

School is not Finished when the Bell Rings 

  • Just as a forty hour work week can stretch into sixty hours, students need to understand that their work is not finished until the job is completed, and not when the bus arrives.
  • There can be exceptions, for example; baseball practice, orchestra concerts and dance recitals. But  be intentional about scheduling a time to get the work done. Set an early morning alarm to work on those math problems that were missed while partying late celebrating Grandma’s birthday.

Understand the Subject Matter

  • Most educators are willing to meet by appointment before or after school hours to assist students with difficult subjects. It’s a crazy idea, almost like it’s their job and desire to assist with learning.
  • Tutors specific to the area of study are an amazing help. They are devoted to the student’s needs and don’t have the time limitations that teachers often have.

Take a Break

  • Sitting in a controlled environment all day, students need a 15-30 minute break to stretch their legs and eat a healthy snack before sitting down to focus on schoolwork again.
  • If studies journey into a long session of concentration, take a short break for the brain and body.

Set a Timer, Set a Goal

  • Set a 5-20 minute timer and set a goal, for instance, state a number of problems to complete or sentences to structure in the allotted amount of time.  It’s amazing how much focus can be found when a challenge is presented.
  • Homework can be a daunting, often (feeling) endless task. With a timer set, there is a limit to the work and possible reward of a break between timer settings until the work is completed.

Develop an Atmosphere Conducive to Learning 

  • Kitchens often become the afternoon hub in a home. Instead, have a designated area for homework only. Where students can escape if noises and distractions become an issue. A desk in a bedroom or office perhaps?
  • Have all supplies at the ready. In work areas or desks have rulers, pencils, calculators and healthy snacks all within arms reach. Time will not be wasted tracking down supplies.

Above All, NO SCREENS!

  • Sorry to blow that ship out of the water, but it’s nearly impossible to do a complex math problem or write an essay with the TV blaring in the background.
  • social media, gaming and “research” online, should be set aside for post-study hours. Come on who are we kidding? Everyone knows these things can easily suck us into a time vortex for which there is no escape. Save screen time for a reward, don’t allow it as a distraction.

Hopefully this article helped you find a least a few methods of respite from your homework monsters With some simple changes, focus can be painlessly redirected toward homework and peace restored.