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How To Help Your New Reader Grow Their Skills


As parents, it is so important to help our children as they learn to read.  Our job is to help them grow the skills that they are working on to lead to reading growth. At times, it can be difficult to know where to begin when helping your new reader.  If you are a parent who feels lost on where to begin with your growing reader, use some of these tips below:

  1. Remember to always go slow when beginning with your new reader. When first learning to read, you can never go slow enough, at times. Always keep this in mind as you help your child. Have your child read out loud the words from the book. Reading out loud is one of the best ways a younger reader can develop their skills. While reading out loud, have your child sound out each letter to help them put together words.
  1. The best way to start helping your child is through your local Library. Begin making weekly trips to the library where there are no distractions around. The library is a quiet, easy place for the two of you to concentrate and spend time together. Spending this time alone will help your child build their confidences and get them on the road to being a great reader. Many libraries have story nights which is great for your new reader. Having them listen to the story while following along to the words in the book.
  1. Find a book that comes with a CD to listen to in the car. Have them listen and read along to the story as it is read on the CD. You can always try to find a book that also comes with a CD. That makes car rides a little more fun. They can read the words as the story is being read. This will make road trips a little more fun and keep their minds and eyes in a book. This will also keep your younger ones learning too! This will open their minds up as much as your new reader! The more you get them interested in books, the better off they are!
  1. As you read together, begin going over what they read and talking about the story. Comprehension is a strong part of reading that leads to better reading skills. Ask your child questions about the story: Who was in the story? What happened in the story? Teaching your child to pay attention to the story as they read is important to their reading growth along with something that they will be tested on later on. If your child feels frustrated by the idea of remembering what they read, then take it slowly.

Always remember to be there for your child as they read. Never read what they should be reading to get the work done quicker for your child. The first year of reading in school is one of the most important years. Finding new books at their reading level helps bring interest to your child. There are plenty of reading books to pick from at your local library and/or library.