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Skype-based 1-1 Online Tutoring

We specialize in private in-home tutoring from local tutors, but we save our VERY BEST tutors in the country for each subject/test and have them tutor online full-time for us. We provide these professional tutors with all the technology, memberships and tools they need such as a white board, to make the tutoring session in many ways better than in person. Our online tutors really are the most elite in the country, as they must have exceptional tutoring experience prior to working with Elite, along with consistent immaculate reviews with us for over 3 years.

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Is online tutoring the best option for all learners?

As we specialize in-home tutoring we believe in-home tutoring is optimal for some learners such as: elementary students, middle school students or more hands on learners. However, online tutoring works extremely well for those who are more tech savvy, have limited time and prefer the ease of basically turning on their SKYPE account and that is the extend of their preparation to get ready for their tutoring session. In addition, the rate for these tutors is the same as our in-home tutoring and you may feel rest assured you have one the best professional tutors in the country at a very competitive rate.

Schedule a free trial with one of our pro tutors and see if online tutoring is the right fit for you. If online happens to not fit your learning style, you will for sure learn something, the tutor will happily give you pointers and plan for future learning in-home and we will provide you with another trial with one of our local tutors.


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