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Algebra Tutoring

Algebra TutoringFor our Algebra 1 tutoring program we assign students credentialed math teachers who have taught the class currently or in the past. The benefit to having Algebra 1 tutors who are also a teacher is that in the State of California all teachers must teach the same mathematical standards for Algebra 1, so the tutor will be very experienced in the subject matter.

Algebra 1 is essential to students as they progress through the ranks.  In Algebra 1 students are first introduced to variables, inequalities, and graphing (with an emphasis on mastering slope and slope-intercept form), which are important at every future step along the way, including Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, and Calculus. If a student gets lost with the material in Algebra 1 it is very hard to keep up with the new material because most of the Algebra 1 material builds upon itself.   In addition, passing Algebra 1 is a requirement in the State of California and Algebra 1 is a component of major college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT.

Moreover, students who are lost in Algebra 1 often lose  and begin to view mathematics as a tortuous path to failure.  Our Algebra 1 tutors have seen the frustration that Algebra 1 can cause in a student and know ways to help the students get back on track.

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