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Calculus Tutoring

For our Calculus tutoring program we assign students credentialed math teachers who have taught the class currently or in the past. The benefit to having Calculus tutors who are also teachers is that in California all teachers must teach the same mathematical standards for Calculus, so the tutor will be very experienced in the subject matter.

It is generally agreed that an understanding of Calculus is essential for business.  Calculus underlies all of modern physics and understanding rates of change can facilitate a deeper comprehension of chemistry, biology, and many social sciences.  Calculus is certainly a subject which demands and teaches the most rigorous kind of intellectual discipline, which can help with all other academic work at both the high school and college levels.

At Elite Home Tutoring we connect clients with highly qualified and experienced Calculus tutors. Students can be connected with a Calculus tutor for all levels of Calculus, from Calculus I & II (Functions & Continuity, Differentiation, Applications of Derivatives, Anti-derivatives, Definite/Indefinite Integrals and Applications, Infinite Series) to Calculus III & IV (Vectors, Differential Equations, Multi-Variable Differentiation and Integration, various theorems, and other advanced topics). The main goal of Calculus tutoring is to shore up a student’s understanding of the concepts and applications of Calculus.