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Geometry Tutoring

For our Geometry tutoring program we assign students credentialed math teachers who have taught the class currently or in the past. The benefit to having a Geometry tutor who is also a teacher is that in the State of California all teachers must teach the same mathematical standards for geometry, so the tutor will be clearheaded in his or her approach to the subject matter.

Geometry, canonized by Euclid in his Elements in the 4th Century B.C., is the study of angles, lines, shapes, congruence and similarity, and surface areas and volumes.  It focuses primarily on relationships in and between circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, and other polygons, and it places heavy emphasis on demonstration and proof.  This focus on proof makes Geometry more than a mere mathematical tool; it provides the subject with a much broader application which has been connected to law and writing, among other important human endeavors.  Geometry tutoring therefore supplements not only the Geometry curriculum but also that of English and other proof-intensive subjects so that our tutors are able to follow their students’ progress closely, thereby boosting grades and test scores.

Our geometry tutors offer flexibility in their tutoring schedule as they are available seven days for tutoring in your home. Call now to schedule your FREE trial hour of Geometry tutoring!

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