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Allison S. – 12th grader (Encino, CA)

“During my senior year, I had trouble with my civics class especially everything in government and elections. My tutor is a teacher that teaches out of the same civics book that we use at my school, so she was very familiar with the material. After getting tutoring for a month, my test scores increased. The tutoring program helped me very much, and I would recommend it to everyone.”

Brett W. – 11th grader (Anaheim, CA)

“I was having many problems in my classes and it was really taking a toll on my grades. My mom was getting really concerned about me passing the CAHSEE which I would have to take in a year, and fearing that I wouldn’t be able to graduate. At the beginning I was sort of embarrassed, having someone else to show me how to do the work. My tutor is an English teacher, which is great because the English part of the CAHSEE was the hardest for me.”

I am very happy with the tutors we are using. My daughter is seeing results. Thanks Elite…

Nora T. – Parent (La Crescenta, CA)

Nancy was great, and I am hopeful to see the results with Patrick’s score!  Shall I just reach out to you in August about scheduling Nancy.  Hopefully she will still be available for next year.

Christine D. – Parent (Valencia, CA)

Thanks for your great and wonderful service.  I wouldn’t know what to do without it.

Megan W. – Parent (Porter Ranch, CA)

“It is a privilege that I write a recommendation for Jason. Not too long ago I was preparing for the CHSPE test. My mother thought it was a smart idea if we hired a tutor to make sure I was 100% prepared for the test. Thanks to Jason, I was fully ready to take my test.

The first time I met with Jason I noticed a lot of improvement in my work. He taught me easier ways to understand and work through the problems. I’m the kind of person that likes to complicate and put stress into the problems, but Jason went step-by-step showing me faster, less stressful routes.

One reason that I liked Jason so much was because he was not only sweet but also kept me on track. I always seem to go off to “lala land,” but he made sure I stayed focused. I realized that I learned some things from him that I was never taught by my teachers. I grew stronger in math after being tutored by Jason. Something that I always called him was the “human calculator” because he could calculate something at the speed of lightning. That is true talent if you ask me.

I would most definitely recommend anybody to Jason because he is a hard worker. I wouldn’t have been able to pass my test without being tutored by him. He is truly a magnificent tutor that can get any job done.”

Gail W. – Parent (Corona, CA)

Elite Tutoring provided such wonderful service. We had two different tutors for my daughter through Elite. We requested a switch as the first tutor really didn’t seem to work out. Elite was very understanding and seemed to really care about the quality of tutoring my daughter was receiving and sent out a new tutor immediately. The new tutor was wonderful and really made an impact. It seemed really important to the tutor that my daughter understood. As my daughter put it “She made it so simple to understand”. Preparing her for the HSPT was very important to our family to ensure she gets the most out of her education. I am happy to say she has been accepted into the private high school!

Thank you again!

Cindi R. – Parent (Huntington Beach, CA)

I recently contacted Elite Tutoring when my son started having a difficult time grasping the concepts in Geometry. Elite was able to quickly assist us in finding a tutor that was able to work with our schedule and meet all of our academic needs. She has built a great rapport with our son and within just a couple sessions we noticed immediate improvements in his test scores. He continues to improve and is well on his way to receiving a very good grade this semester in Geometry. Thanks Elite!

Mary G. – Proofreading Client (Beijing, China)

Thank you so much for the great job you did on my paper–it passed my professor’s ‘fine-tooth-comb’ reading and now I have only Orals to go through before I graduate!

I also appreciate your efforts to meet my needs and the very reasonable costs of your service. I will happily tell my fellow teachers about the excellent service you provide!

Best Regards,

Darci R. – Parent (Moorpark, CA)

“After researching several tutoring companies for our daughter who is a sophomore in high school we decided upon Elite Tutoring.  Not only did I receive a call back in a timely manner after my initial phone call, the continued follow through was great.  Elite Tutoring matched the perfect tutor that fit my daughter’s needs in Algebra 2.  The tutor was very easy to work with, knowledgeable in the subject and always on time. “

Chante B. – Parent (Santa Clarita, CA)

“I had a very pleasant experience with Elite Tutoring!  The tutor they sent me was very educated & professional!  I would totally recommend Elite Tutoring to my friends & family.”

Lorie H. – Parent (Ventura, CA)

“We have been very pleased with the tutoring that our son has received through Elite Tutoring.  Eric paired our son up with a tutor that has an excellent resume, clearly loves what she does, and is sincerely interested in our son’s success.  Initially, we thought the whole process of test prep would be a battle with our son but, to our surprise, he really enjoys his tutor and their weekly sessions.  The way she works with our son has really instilled a greater confidence in him and his abilities, and the test prep has spilled over into better performance with his regular schoolwork.”

Cindy G. – Parent (Tustin, CA)

“I am so pleased with your tutors!  They are so great in every way… my daughter is doing much better and is inspired to do well.  They give her a lot of positive feed back and encouragement.”

Cathy A. – Parent (Granada Hills, CA)

“Jason is 100% recommendable when it comes to education. He makes schoolwork easy but explains each topic thoroughly. At my school, no teacher has ever gone in depth on any topic we cover.

Jason uses teaching methods different from any teacher and tutor I have ever been acquainted with. My grades have improved so remarkably while working with him that my teachers have been wondering what happened! Not only did he help me raise my grades but he also helped me with Academic Decathlon. I was told I was going to compete just three weeks before the actual event. The test was based on the Renaissance and anything/anyone during that period was fair game. I know for a fact that I would never have placed in the top ten if it weren’t for Jason. He is like a walking encyclopedia, full of information to no end. Jason prepared me for a couple high school placement tests and I got into Honors English and Geometry.

Nobody should ever underestimate Jason’s mind because he is filled with so much knowledge that he can tell you practically anything. And all of this is not to mention the fact that he reads as if his life depended on it. Every time we meet up for tutoring he keeps a different book in hand. Jason is the best tutor I’ve ever had and has had a huge impact on my academics.”