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Piano Lessons

Our piano teachers enjoy teaching students of all ages and all levels. Our piano teachers are very patient with complete beginners (kids or adults), and can also show advanced professional studio musicians some missing elements that will bring their playing to the highest level. Our piano teachers specialize in improving finger technique, relaxation, injury-prevention, sight-reading, sight-singing, ear-training, and improvisation. During our piano lessons we can also help with rhythm training, practice optimization, composition, chord-reading and self-accompaniment, as well as classical and popular repertoire.

Music is considered an essential element of a complete liberal education because it uses mathematical concepts to spark latent creativity and provides the pleasure and enjoyment which are characteristic of leisure and refinement. We believe that students can benefit from a familiarity with music and that piano is one excellent place to start!

Our piano lessons focus on:

  1. Playing fast with ultimate control
  2. Finger technique
  3. Music theory
  4. Popular repertoire
  5. Classical repertoire
  6. Composition
  7. Injury retraining
  8. Removing unnecessary tension
  9. Interpretation
  10. Practice optimization
  11. Relaxation
  12. Time management
  13. Bio-mechanical efficiency
  14. Pain reduction
  15. Piano arrangements
  16. How to put melody to lyrics
  17. Improvisation and creativity development techniques
  18. Performance anxiety, stage fright, and fear
  19. Ear-training
  20. Learning disabilities
  21. College preparation
  22. Musical styles
  23. Motivation issues

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