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How is the new SAT effecting education, high school, college entrance, and tutoring?

There is quite a buzz in the air concerning the new SAT. The current SAT will be available until March 2016; after this date only the new SAT will be available. How is the “new” SAT effecting education, high school, college entrance, and tutoring?

The new SAT and Education:

The new SAT will implement the Common Core Standards. Student’s abilities in math, reading, and writing will be tested and measured. Students must master these standards in order to score well on the new SAT. Educators teaching these standards face increased pressure, especially since the new SAT will debut early next year. Teachers must help students gain a deeper understanding and guide them in applying their understanding and knowledge in day-to-day and real-life situations.

The new SAT and High School:

Current high school students must be prepared in advance for changes in the new SAT. Some students may have the option of taking both the current and new SAT exams. Freshman and sophomores have the option to take both. Current juniors and seniors will not need to take the new SAT and will take the current SAT, since the new exam will not be implemented until 2016.

The new SAT and College Entrance:

In order to gain the best entrance scores, students must do well on the new SAT, which is more challenging than the current SAT. The questions are harder and will take longer to answer. The essay will be optional, although it will be a more challenging. Some math sections will no longer allow caculators and students will see more algebra problems. Understanding Common Core Standards and the ability to implement these standards are the key to success with the new SAT.

The new SAT and Tutoring:

Private educators, such as tutors, have already experienced an increase in inquiries from students and parents concerning the new SAT. It is important to get ahead of the game now since students will no longer be able to “cram” for the exam. The time in now to start preparing for the new SAT!

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