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New York City Gifted and Talented Program

New York Education

Do you have a child you think is gifted and talented ? Through the New York school system, they have a the Gifted and Talented Program. To get into this program, you need to take a test that determines if you are eligible. This test includes both verbal tests from the OLSAT (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test) and nonverbal questions from the NNAT (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test).

You should look over all the information with your child and have them practice the test that will be given through the available practice tests. This will help your child become familiar with what information they need and help them cut the stress and anxiety that your child may have!

Testing begins between the ages of 4-7 for entry into grades K-3rd grade and determines eligibility for the NYC Gifted and Talented Program. There are a few steps you have to do in order to get your child in THE Gifted and Talented Schools.

The first step to this process is submitting a “Request for Testing Form” (R.F.T) in the Fall of the Year before you would like your child to start participating in the Gifted and Talented Program. You can do this either online or in writing by completing the form in the appropriate Department of Education handbook and submitting it to your child’s public school or local Borough Enrollment Office. The deadlines are posted on the Department of Education’s website in late Fall.

The city-wide testing for your child usually starts in January, and only children who have turned 4 years old can participate.  You will be informed of your child’s score in early Spring, and IF your child is qualified for The Gifted and Talented Program, you will be sent an application.

If your child scores in or above the 90th percentile, he or she will be invited to apply to a district G&T program. If your child scored in or above the 97th percentile, he or she will be invited to apply to a citywide Gifted and Talented program. Admission to the Gifted and Talented program is only guaranteed to incoming kindergartners and first graders who rank every district option on their application. There are no guarantees for city-wide spots, as there are more children who score in or above the 97th percentile than there are seats.

Placement is based on sibling priority, test score (percentile rank), family preference and available seats. A lottery is held to determine who gets a spot if there are more applicants than spaces. The completed applications are usually due in late spring, and acceptance notifications are usually sent out in early summer.

Remember, even though your child may score high, these tests are based off a percentages. Even though your child may get a high score, they may not be in the right percentile and therefore not get into the school of your choice.  Be sure you have your child practice as much as they can!

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