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Our Professional Tutors

Our Elite Team of tutors is what makes us an award winning tutoring company and differentiates us from the competition.

Our tutors are not just profiles listed on our website, as we consider them part of the Elite Team, our coworkers and friends. Elite tutors work with the same local Area Coordinator, oftentimes for years, so the Coordinator is able to connect students with tutors with an insight that an online profile or resume just cannot. We pay our tutors well, provide bonuses and raises, to ensure we keep our tutors long term.

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An Elite Pro Tutor Must:

  • -Have a degree from a top-tier university
  • -Have over 3 years of tutoring and/or teaching experience
  • -Demonstrate exceptional communication skills and a passion for teaching
  • -Provide strong personal references
  • -Pass a background check and interview

Effective tutor recruiting is at the heart of what we do.

With over 25 years of experience, Lila Adams, our human resources manager, continually interviews new tutors to ensure we are always working with the most elite local tutors.

With thousands of applicants a year, we work with fewer than 2% of the tutors who apply to be a part of the team, which makes us more selective than many Ivy league schools. Over the last 12+ years, we have continually raised the standard for tutoring and test prep excellence.


Call us today to schedule a free trial session!
(408) 791-1255