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1) Follow the link: www.elitetutoring.co
2) Create Account.
3) Click “Add New Client.”
a) Make sure to fill in all data fields and to spell the client & student names correctly.
b) If you do not enter your correct Elite Rate, the login will not be able to accept your hours.
c) Fill in as much info as you can and use NA as needed.
d) Fill in the location where tutoring took place, wherever it may be.
4) Click “Submit Hours.”
a) Choose the date of the tutoring session.
b) Fill in lesson start & lesson end.
c) Choose the client.
d) Rate should automatically show up, and your tutorial payment should show up in green.
e) If you are unable to submit a session, double check that all fields are filled in.  If “Rate” does not show up, then click “Edit Clients” and input your Elite Rate.


Elite initiates the direct deposit payment 2 business days after the pay period ends. After the direct deposit is initiated, tutors will receive a confirmation email from PaycheckRecords.com. The payments will arrive in the tutor’s checking account within 3 additional business days of receiving the PaycheckRecords.com confirmation.


To submit the your W9 & DD forms, scan or take a picture and email them to kate@elitehometutoring.com. If your email to Elite does not “bounce back” with an error message, please assume we received the email and attachments. Shortly after being hired, our HR Manager emailed you our welcome letter, including your Elite Rate and the following three forms:

1) a Direct Deposit Authorization

2) a W9 Form

3) a Signature Sheet.


Your payments will automatically be submitted to Elite at 11:59 pm PST on the 15th of the month & the last day of the month. If a tutor turns in hours anytime after they are due, they will be be added to the following pay cycle. This functionality is an automatic part of the payroll program, and changes cannot be made once processing has begun.

Your payment will automatically arrive in your bank account within 5 business days of the due date. A confirmation email from PaycheckRecords.com indicates the withdrawal of funds from Elite’s checking account and the process of funds being transferred into your account.  If the funds have not shown up in your account within 7 business days of receiving the notice from PaycheckRecords.com, please email kate@elitehometutoring.com.


-If you enter a session incorrectly, you may delete the session and submit a new one anytime before the hours are due.  Be sure to double check that all sessions are correctly entered before they are automatically submitted on the due date.

-In the “Notes” section, if applicable, fill in: free trial, tutorial cancelled without proper notice, or any other information you think Elite should know.

-If a client rescheduled/cancelled a tutoring session, and did not notify you by 7pm the day before, submit one hour. Then in the “Notes” section, please let us know more about what happened so we can appropriately handle any questions the client may have. The more specific you can be, the better.

To submit payment for anything other than tutoring:
-Click “Add New Client.”
-Under “Client First Name,” enter the item you need to be paid for.
-For all other fields, enter “NA.”
-For “Rate,” enter the total amount you should be paid for that item.
-Click “Submit Hours” and choose the current day.  Fill in noon to 1pm, and choose the “New Client.”

-If you save your password to your cell phone’s web-​browser and bookmark the link, you can submit your tutoring session within seconds.

-We have been testing the payroll login for a few months, but if you happen to notice a glitch or an error, please update us through the Elite Contact Form.


In-home Signatures

Tutors no longer need to submit the old “Hourly Sheets” and the “Client Signature Sheets” to Elite every pay period. It is now the responsibility of the tutors to store these documents and have them readily available in case an Elite client initiates a request for them.

The signature may be from the student and/or the client. The main purpose of these signed documents is to show the client that they were accurately charged for the number of hours they purchased.

If a tutor happens to forget the client or student signature, we recommend you have the client sign during the next session. If for some reason there is not a next session, please do not contact the client for a signature.  If you do not get a signature by the client or student directly after the session it pretty much negates the purpose of a signature in the first place, so please try to be aware of the importance of getting signatures at the first session.

Online “Signatures”

If you are submitting an online session you do not need a client signature. Instead of a signature, take a screenshot (or use any similar method) that includes the total time of the tutorial and the date.

Screenshot Helpful Links

If you need a copy of the “Client Signature Sheet” email kate@elitehometutoing.com.