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Chemistry Tutoring

Our chemistry tutors are science teachers who tutor all levels of chemistry from introductory chemistry to advanced placement (AP) chemistry. We provide chemistry tutoring to help students who are struggling as well as to help students with complex applications of AP chemistry. Our tutors will implement a tutoring schedule that will accommodate each individual student’s needs. Our chemistry tutoring sessions are flexible, as they are available for in-home tutoring from early in the morning to late in the evening, for the student’s convenience.

Chemistry has applications not only for science but also for philosophy, politics, and industry.  From Democritus and Epicurus to the present, the concept of atoms and molecular motion have shook the world, literally and figuratively, creating seismic shifts in the ways of thinking and of life that have characterized the most advanced societies.  Beyond its philosophical underpinnings, understanding chemistry is essential to making business and technological innovations as well as to addressing political issues such as global warming and environmentalism.

Some of the topics our chemistry tutors cover include: the periodic table, atomic structure, stoichiometry, gas laws, thermochemistry, bonding, Lewis structures, liquids and solids, properties of solutions, acids and bases, and chemical kinetics.

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