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Physics Tutoring

Our physics tutors are science teachers who tutor all levels of physics from introductory physics to advanced placement (AP) and college-level physics. We understand how difficult physics can be as it is extraordinarily abstract and requires mastery of higher levels of math and science.  It is generally understood to be one of the most difficult subjects offered in high school and many high schools restrict registration in physics classes to only the highest achievers.  Despite its inherent difficulty, physics is a remarkably practical subject that has many  to daily life.  It is useful for athletics and broadcasting and essential for careers in medicine and engineering.

We provide physics tutoring to help students who are struggling and also help students with complex applications of AP physics. Our tutors will implement a tutoring schedule that will accommodate each individual student’s needs. Our physics tutoring sessions are flexible, as they are available for in-home tutoring early in the morning to late in the evening at locations selected for the student’s convenience.  Tutors will arrive prepared and ready to assist you with whatever chapter you may be studying.

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