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ESL Tutoring

Our ESL tutors are Spanish teachers who tutor all levels of English comprehension. We provide ESL tutoring to help students who are struggling; our ESL tutors will implement a tutoring schedule that will accommodate the individual student needs. Our ESL tutoring sessions are flexible, as they are available for in-home tutoring early in the morning to late in the evening for the student’s convenience. Tutors are also available to meet students at locations convenient to them, whether this be the home, a fast food restaurant, a library, or any other productive place.

We understand the difficulty of picking up English as a second language.  Many consider the English language to be among the most difficult to learn, comprised as it is of Latin, Anglo-Saxon (Germanic and Scandinavian), Norman (French), and various other kinds of words. Not only are the diverse word structures challenging, but the grammatical construction of the English language can be downright confusing. Word order, syntax, and punctuation can all effectively alter the meaning of any given document. Our tutors seek to ensure full mastery of all components of the English language so that students from foreign backgrounds can move from the fringes to the center of society in an English-speaking land.

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