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Gifted and Talented Tutors

Our gifted and talented tutors are advanced placement (AP) teachers and specialists who tutor all levels and subjects. As advanced placement courses become an increasingly competitive process and as the associated exams become ever-more important in the college admissions process, students must perform well now more than ever. These courses have become status symbols and are looked at by colleges and universities as harbingers of students’ abilities and willingness to challenge themselves. Passing these classes and exams, whether in English, a foreign language, history, government, math, science, or economics, can change the direction of a talented student’s life.

We provide gifted and talented tutoring to help students achieve their potential; our gifted and talented tutors will implement a tutoring schedule that will accommodate each individual student’s needs. Our gifted and talented tutors are themselves gifted and talented, and they accordingly understand the unique pressures and conflicts that many or most gifted and talented students face.  Our gifted and talented tutoring sessions are flexible, as tutors are available for in-home tutoring early morning to late evening at locations selected for the student’s convenience. Customer service is our number one priority and we take great pride in having happy students and parents.

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