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CHSPE Preparation

We offer CHSPE preparation for those students who wish to embark on a career sooner as opposed to later. The CHSPE is an early-exit exam for high school students who are in the second semester of their sophomore year (and aged 15 or over) in high school, who are 16-18 years old, or who have enrolled in the 10th grade for two semesters or more.

For CHSPE preparation, we assign the student two CHSPE tutors who are credentialed teachers. An English teacher is assigned for the language arts and writing portions of the exam, and a math teacher will tutor the mathematics sections of the exam. Our tutors look to ensure that not only will their students pass the exam, but that they will have the fundamental skills they need in these areas to ensure their success as they move forward into the outside world.

When a tutoring package is purchased the hours can be mixed and matched, depending on the subjects with which the student needs the most help. Once we are contacted by a client we connect them with their CHSPE tutors. We recommend structuring the tutoring sessions using a study guide that contains practice tests. The tutors will cover the material and at the end of each session they will summarize the student’s progress. For more information about the CHSPE, please click here.

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