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GMAT Preparation

We offer GMAT preparation for students who want to show their aptitude to succeed academically in graduate business studies.As entrance to graduate schools gets ever-more competitive, with business schools leading the rat race, scoring well on the GMAT becomes increasingly important as it helps to determine a larger piece of the lives of each of those who take it.

For GMAT preparation, we assign the student two GMAT tutors who are credentialed teachers. An English teacher is assigned for the English language portion of the exam. A math teacher will tutor the mathematics sections of the exam. Both tutors will help the student and while they focus on the exam will also be preparing him or her for the business world itself—where using the language well and understanding what it means are as essential as calculating revenues and costs.

When a tutoring package is purchased the hours can be mixed and matched, depending on the subjects with student needs the most help. Once we are contacted by a client we connect them with their GMAT tutors. We recommend structuring the tutoring sessions using a study guide that contains practice tests. The tutors will cover the material and at the end of the session summarize the student’s progress. For more information about the GMAT, please click here.