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LSAT Preparation

We offer LSAT preparation to students who want to gain admission to law school. For LSAT preparation, we assign the student a LSAT tutor who is an experienced lawyer and who is also gifted in tutoring. The LSAT is an excellent platform from which to leap into a legal career, and those who do well are provided with a diverse array of possibilities going forward.

The LSAT contains three sections, a “logical reasoning” section, a reading comprehension section, an analytical reasoning section, and a writing sample. Many of these sections, however, are to be approached differently than their supposed “equivalents” are in other exams. Having a lawyer assist with preparation is therefore essential to scoring well.

Once we are contacted by a client we connect them with their LSAT tutor. We recommend structuring the tutoring sessions using a study guide that contains practice tests. Tutors are available to work around those crazy college schedules and will be able to meet from early in the morning to late at night. The tutors will cover the material and at the end of the session they’ll summarize the student’s progress and, if necessary, assign homework. For more information about the LSAT, please click here.