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The New SAT vs. Old SAT

The SAT college exam will change to an all-new format in Spring 2016. Current 9th grade students will be the first cohort to take the redesigned SAT. David Coleman, president of the College Board, states that the new SAT would be more closely tied to high school and college curriculum. He also added that the old SAT is “too stressful for students, too filled with mystery and tricks.” The new redesigned SAT will consist of a math portion, evidence-based reading and writing portion, and an optional essay portion.

One prominent change is that the SAT is returning to a 1600 scale from the previous 2400 scale. Other changes include removal of the horrendous vocab-in-context, replaced by more common words consistently seen in college and beyond. Above all, students will no longer be penalized for incorrect answers, so no need to leave unfamiliar questions blank! The math section will consist of fewer topics and be more closely related to what students will experience in college with focus on problem solving and data analysis, algebra, and passport to advanced math. In many ways, the redesigned SAT has many similarities with the ACT.

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