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What is Common Core Math? How is Common Core Different from Traditional Math?

What is Common Core Math?

States used to be able to set academic standards for math, which varied greatly from state to state. With Common Core Standards public schools must follow guidelines, or standards. Common Core Math is based on concepts and skills that a student must apply in order to solve real-world math problems. These standards have been implemented from kindergarten through high school (K-12) in more than 42 states. They serve as benchmarks to determine how prepared students are for life in college and in the workforce. The ultimate goal is to make U.S. students more adept at solving real-world problems and be more competitive in the workforce.

How is Common Core different from Traditional Math?
Common Core Standards require students to use reasoning in real-life situations, whereas traditional math was equation and calculation based. With Common Core math, students must have a solid understanding of the concepts involved in reaching their answers. With traditional math, the student could simply remember tables and memorize answers. Traditional math is about getting the correct answer, whereas Common Core math requires students to demonstrate their deeper knowledge and ability on how they arrived to the correct answer.
What is the best way to transition a student into Common Core when they are used to traditional math?

Since students must demonstrate a greater and deeper understanding of math concepts used in real-world situations, there is more pressure on them to actually understand the concepts rather than memorizing the answer and coming up with the correct solution. They must now demonstrate their understanding of methods used in reaching the correct answer. This has become a challenge for students and teachers and puts more pressure on them. School books are aligned to these current standards but students still have difficulty applying what they have learned in the real-world problem sections. The best way to transition a student into Common Core math standards is by hiring a professional tutor who is educated in these standards.

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